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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quilting Tip for 11/10/2005

This tip was suggested to us by Lori Miller of Troy, Michigan.

I spiff up my throw pillows for the living room, family room, bedroom and even guest rooms for the holidays by creating theme wraps for them out of fabric. The fabric is sewn like a napkin ring or cuff around the existing pillow and fastened with buttons to match the theme. You could use velcro or even just tie the fabric on with finished edges. Quilt designs, embroidery or appliques offer even more ideas if you want to get fancy.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Quilting Tip for 11/9/2005

This is a tip that was made submitted to us by Margaret Rollins of Dalton, Ga

Go with color ~~ fabrics, room, I find the color fabric with the design I adore. Quilting a throw for the couch, or quiltig a pillow case, The design on my chosen fabric is hand painted on the wall ~~ usually 4 to each wall depending on room size, a bow is made from chosen fabric and placed under the hand drawn fabric design. I purchase all fabric from second hand stores, yard sales, I have chosen 4 different fabrics and patterns and painted the room to reflect the most prominent feature of the fabric design. Then mixing and matching the hand drawn and painted wall designs. A pure labor of love to create.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Denim Rag Free Quilt Pattern

This is probably the coolest free quilt pattern that I have come across. Its just so fun. Its like your favorite old pair of jeans and your favorite quilt all tied into one. Throw a few t-shirt blocks on there and some pizza stains and you've got my college years all rolled up into one soft and cozy creation. You can find the denim rag free quilt pattern here, and as always, you'll find some great fabrics at below.

Denim and Flannel Fabrics

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Picture Frame Free Quilt Pattern

This is a great free quilt pattern that I found with instructions on how to make a great picture fram quilt. It of course involves some transfer paper, but the result is both memorable and gorgeous. Here is the link to the site where it can be found.

Free Picture Frame Quilt Pattern

And as always, you will find some suggested quilting fabric to go along with the quilt below.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quilting Tip of the Day

I take fleece and use it as the batting and backing for kids quilts. This saves time and money. This makes for a real cuddly blanket. - Connie in Washington

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Beginners' Free Quilt Pattern

For anyone learning to sew or quilt here is a beginner's quilt pattern. It says that its meant for children, but I'll say that anyone just starting out quilting will find it useful. Click on this link for full instructions. Beginner Quilt Pattern. And as always, we have suggested some quilting fabric for the beginner, and seeing as if you're just starting out you probably won't want to buy $10.00 cotton prints, you'll probably find something you like in the cotton prints under $5.00 section.

free beginner quilt pattern

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quilters Support Katrina Victims

Here is a wonderful story I found about how one group of quilters is pitching in to help the survivors of Katrina in the best way they know how.

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- So many people donated money, food, water to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. But there is something else they need, comfort. Maybe even a hug. That's what a group of quilters on the First Coast says they can provide. There is a way you can help. They say the old fashioned art of quilting can surround the survivors with support.

Every stitch is a labor of love. In a time where you can buy anything in a store, a quilt, is still a gift made by hand and by heart. Lynn Provencher of Country Crossroads Quilt Shop says "when you are quilter and you hear of a crisis, people in need, the first thing you want to do is make a quilt, wrap them in a quilt. You want to give them comfort."

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T-Shirt Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern

This is a great site. I think T-shirt quilts are the coolest things in town, and really, these two sewing expressions were meant for eachother. On the one hand, you have a quilt which tells its own story of how it was inspired and created, and on the other hand, you have t-shirt's that physically tell you where they have been. Its like two incredible histories all sewn into one cozy quilt. You can find the instructions for crearting this here. And of course the fabric (besides the t-shirts) that you will need you can find below.

Free Quilt Pattern

Stabilizers, Borders and Backing for your Quilt

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Seasons Free Quilt Pattern

Here is a great looking quilt that depicts the four seasons. It is absolutely beautiful, and is perfect, as you can see, for any time of year. I found it here. You can find all of the instructions for assembly at that link as well. Below are some quilting fabric choices. Enjoy!