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Monday, August 29, 2005

What would you bring?

As hurricane Katrina pummels the Gulf Coast, and the thoughts and prayers of everyone here at go out to those affected, I wondered, what things would I save given the knowledge of all of my worldly possessions’ impending doom? Apparently, one of the first items that came to my mind wasn't too far off from someone that is actually experiencing this killer storm:

During Tropical Storm Cindy earlier this summer, Sarah Lukens of Montville listened fearfully alone in her New Orleans apartment to 70 mph winds. But she did not wait there Saturday for Hurricane Katrina.

Cindy was “the scariest thing I could not sleep through,” said the Tulane University graduate student Sunday.

Lukens has spent the day watching people filter into the Superdome, where tens of thousands are being sheltered because they can't afford to evacuate.

Lukens brought with her “clothes to last me to Tuesday, a Care Bear,” and a quilt made by retired Coast Guard band member Judy Buttery.

“It's beautiful and it's important to me,” she said, “but now it's doubling as a sleeping bag.”


Quilting Fabric Tip of the Day 8.29.2005

If you store your quilting fabric in cardboard boxes or on cardboard rolls, it's a good idea to cover the cardboard first with several layers of acid-free tissue or old cotton sheeting. Over time, the acid in the cardboard can weaken or stain fabric. (Same thing applies to wood.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Quilting Fabric Tip of the Day

Melissa from Ohio Says:

To make straight lines for quilting, instead of drawing with pencil or disappearing ink, I use blue painter's tape. It doesn't leave the fabric sticky so I don't have to wash it out afterward

Find more here

Thursday, August 18, 2005

E-Mail Us!

Hey! Something just dawned on me today and that is this. Amid all the quilting fabric, and quilting tips and overall quilting comotion, I think I forgot to post an e-mail address where you can send comments and quilting what-not to me.

I would love to have some feedback about the blog. I would be more than happy to post any quilting tips as original posts if you send them, and anything else that is quilting fabric related. However, If you want to complain about in general or something, I'm not your Maverick. We have resources for all of that, although, not to brag, but in general, our customers have a good experience with us.

Now, should the e-mail address start to get abused and I get miles of spamm, I'll probably take it down, but until that happens, I can't wait to hear from everyone!

So, for feedback, tips or otherwise, you can reach me at:
Fabric Maverick

Hope to hear from you soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tip of the Day Site

Here is a great site for finding great quilting tips and techniques. They post a new one daily. Not much to mention about quilting fabric today, but this is a great site. Here's a blurb:

My sewing room is also my dining room. For those pesky little cut threads, I fold over a piece of wide masking tape and tape - sticky sides out - and tape it to the side of my machine. When it's time to put away my sewing room, there are no loose threads all over the table and floor. ValRe Glendora, CA

Monday, August 15, 2005

For the Quilting Historian in You

I found this article recently and I couldn't help but think that its something both my mother, father and myself would enjoy. It is a 7 day ferry boat ride (I <3 boats) down the Mississippi, which showcases some very interesting quilts, quilting fabric, quilting techniques, as well as history in quilts. So if you have a quilter in the family, as well as a historian, and someone who like boats (in my case all three), Take a look here, it seems like a cool excursion down the mighty Mississippi.

New Orleans, LA – August 2005 – Learn about the history of quilting as both an art and a form of storytelling as you travel along the Mississippi, Ohio and Cumberland rivers on the magnificent Mississippi Queen, steaming to two Quilting Shows in Paducah and Nashville.

A seven-night Memphis round trip cruise April 23-30, 2006 will spend two days in Paducah, Ky. for the annual Quilting Show at the Paducah Expo Center. Dianne S. Hire, Fiber Artist Quiltmaker, will offer presentations and a showing of various quilt works during the cruise.

Delta Queen Steamboat CompanyA second six-night St. Louis to Nashville cruise, August 21-27, 2006 will take you to spend two days in Nashville for the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show. Quilt instructor and author Judy Simmons will share her techniques for creating machine needlelace and other embellishments, and during the cruise. While in Nashville, you’ll visit the Quilting Show at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort.

Read the Rest Here

Thursday, August 11, 2005 Wrapping Paper?

Well, this post is a bit off topic from quilting fabric, but boy is it ever crafty! I was doing my daily internet fabric perusing and I came across this:

"Crafty tip of the day: Need to wrap something small, but have no wrapping paper? If you have a color printer, the close-up pictures of different fabrics from make great wrapping paper! Perfect for wrapping a CD. Also great for decoupaging, if you're into that."
From Feckless

See that? So when the holidays roll around, everyone should come to and pick up some complimentary wrapping paper. All you have to do is pay for the paper and ink, but don't worry, the pictures are on us. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Whole Quilt 'N' Caboodle

So. We think that the boss man here, Stephen Friedman, has officially flown over the cukoos nest, his elevator no longer goes to the top, he's lost his marbles. How have we come to this conclusion? Well, he's put our entire quilting fabric section on sale until 8/17/2005. Everything is 15% off our regular prices, which if you haven't been to the store, are already discounted heavily.

We normally put flannel, or quilt backing, or some other singular section of quilting fabric on sale, but Stephen decided, "hey lets go nuts" and discount the whole thing by 15%.

We're calling it the "Whole Quilt 'N' Caboodle" Sale (I thought of the name, just don't mention it to Kristal :-P) so if you get to this before the 17th of August 2005, you might want to check it out.
Here is a link:

Quilting Fabric

Just For Beginners

Here's a great entry I found at a forum detailing steps to take if you're just starting out in the quilting world. There are some other posts on this thread that are phenomenal and are very helpful for beginners. Check it out, or comment on the best steps to take if you're just starting out.

  1. If at all possible, take a Beginning Quilter class at a LQS. No matter what your sewing experience is a class at your LQS will give you the best foundation. Plus, everyone there is there to learn just like you and you'll have a lot of fun.
  2. Invest in a GOOD basic quilting book. I still refer to the one I bought even after 10 yrs of quilting (I've got a block about making bias binding :-)
  3. Buy old quilt magazines from an auction site (best deal around) and read and look and study and tag the ones you really like. When you study a quilt pick-out 3 things you like about it and 3 things you'd change if you were to make the quilt. This will start to train your "eye" so that you'll begin to recognize what makes the difference between a good quilt and a great quilt. Plus you'll start to recognize the power of color and proportion and texture and composition.
  4. Study fabric. Go to Joann, HobbyLobby, Hancocks, LQS's, fabric warehouses, every place you can find and handle and examine and feel and smell quilting fabric. Examine the size of the thread; how tightly it is woven; the pattern of the weave; the texture; are the colors stamped on the surface or is each thread dyed; is the color on the back the same or whiteish; is there a lot of sizing in the quilting fabric or does it have a soft drape and smooth hand; is it 42", 43" or 44" wide or some other width like 54"; is the pattern printed on the grain or off the grain line. Study cotton first -- broadcloth, cotton sateen, muslin, drapery weight, denim, chintz, corduroy, calico, cambric, chambray, gingham, batik, etc.
  5. Make at least one quilt completely by hand ~~ hand piece and hand quilt. And make at least one quilt completely by machine. This will give you an appreciation for those quilts made using the method you DON'T prefer. I machine piece and machine quilt but because I've made quilts totally by hand I can truly appreciate quilts made using that method.
Read the rest!

To Pre-Wash or not to Pre-Wash?

During my travels on the internet, I ran into a very interesting forum discussing the age old question do I pre-shrink my quilting fabric or no? Here are a few thoughts and a link to the article I found. Feel free to leave yours!

It all boils down to personal preference.

I think the best advice I was given was to either wash every bit of yardage that goes into your stash of quilting fabric, or don't. Either one extreme or the other. That way you won't get confused about what has been washed and what hasn't. You don't want both ending up in a bed quilt for instance, because the rate of shrinkage of the two different fabrics will affect the final appearance of the quilt. If you have some places shrink and others don't, the shape of the quilt may be off, and the 'puckeriness' will look different in different areas.

Also, how much are you willing to risk? What if you do a beautiful red and white traditional bed quilt and you haven't prewashed? All that time, effort, and money wasted after you wash it the first time and it runs! I would cry! I know there are product out there (dye magnets) that might help, but I would hate to take the chance.

I personally can't stand working with and ironing fabrics that still have all the chemicals and sizings in them. I get a sore throat and sinus congestion if I do. That is why I tend to wash my fabrics first. I can tell if a quilting fabric has been washed if the corners are clipped off (to prevent threads and knots). But for small projects or art quilt projects, I might not wash them.

So there is no single answer to this question. It is a matter of preference. And there is lots of differing opinions out there. Remember that mother-in-laws are not always right!
Laura in Nova Scotia

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Interesting Lady, I'm sure everyone can relate

I read this article online, and it is really quite cool. Apparently quilting IS all about the fabric, or at least for Maggie Gordon.

Here's a taste:

Her intricate quilts feature geometric designs with eye-popping fabrics. Not an inch of her quilts is ordinary, and even the backs feature designs and bright patterns. "Back art," as she calls it, serves two purposes - using excess fabric and giving life to a part of the quilt that is traditionally plain.

Gordon approaches quilt-making and her textile art in similar ways. When starting a quilt, she starts with one fabric that grabs her eye.

"Quilting is all about the fabric," Gordon said. She added that a quilt begins for her when she finds a fabric pattern she loves and wants to feature. She then seeks out other fabrics that will complement her original choice.

"I see a piece of fabric and think 'I've got to do something with that,'" Gordon said. "I call it being 'seduced by the fabric.'

Read the rest

Quilting is Good For You!

Take that, blood pressure! I just found this article and it is tremendous! Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the confirmation that we all knew was coming: Quilting is good for you.

""it's a proven fact that it brings down blood pressure," said knitting instructor Jeanette White. "An AMA survey looked at all the activities that bring down blood pressure, and knitting and quilting topped the list."
The Daily Herald

Quilting is good for you!

I knew it all along. There was never any doubt.
Just thought I'd drop that note.

Quilting Fabric

The Quilting Blog Resources!

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We will be of course posting some of our promotions, but we hope mostly to provide you with some great information about quilting. So have a look, and find something that you never knew before about the world of quilting.

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