Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quilters Support Katrina Victims

Here is a wonderful story I found about how one group of quilters is pitching in to help the survivors of Katrina in the best way they know how.

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- So many people donated money, food, water to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. But there is something else they need, comfort. Maybe even a hug. That's what a group of quilters on the First Coast says they can provide. There is a way you can help. They say the old fashioned art of quilting can surround the survivors with support.

Every stitch is a labor of love. In a time where you can buy anything in a store, a quilt, is still a gift made by hand and by heart. Lynn Provencher of Country Crossroads Quilt Shop says "when you are quilter and you hear of a crisis, people in need, the first thing you want to do is make a quilt, wrap them in a quilt. You want to give them comfort."

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